In this episode with Arne Rubinstein we will be discussing the key elements of having sustainable, meaningful relationships with your children through the various stages of their life and the importance of elders in the community to guide you in your adult life.  There is also a special offer for the Rites of Passage Institute’s transformational parenting online course.

In this interview Arne discusses:

  • Four steps to having better relationships with your children
  • The importance of the relationship with grandparents
  • How elders in the community can play an important role
  • The courses available through the Rites of Passage Institute.

I am sure that you will get something out of listening to this interview with Arne, he puts a lot of energy into his interview, as he does his life.
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Don’t forget to look into the special offer on the transformational parenting course and have a look at the five minute Youtube – Bringing Back the Butchulla (See below)


Bio – Dr. Arne Rubinstein (mbbs, fracgp)

Founder & CEO, The Rites of Passage Institute

Arne Rubinstein is an internationally recognised expert on childhood development and rites of passage.
His programs have been attended by more than 200,000 people in more than 20 countries around the world and are now a part of over 50 schools around Australia.

Dr Arne is a medical doctor and specialised first in family medicine and then spent 15 years in emergency medicine until he moved full time, creating programs for parents and their children.

He is the author of the best-seller The Making of Men and has won multiple awards for his work, including being nominated in 2008 for Australian of the Year for his groundbreaking work with youth, providing much-needed answers and tools to support a generation of young men and women be happy and motivated about life.

Dr Arne is the proud father of two wonderful young men and a mentor to many others.

Links and free offer

 Rites of Passage website

Click on link to watch this fantastic Youtube video titled Bringing Back the Butchulla

Transformational Parenting Ecourse can be found through the link below:

To access the course free of charge please use the Coupon Code: COUPON4U
The attached screenshot shows you where to enter the coupon code

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  1. Outstanding Episode Jeremy!

    Really enjoyed this one. Short and sweet too. 😉

    The idea (or necessity) to bring the elders into young peoples lives and for many to rediscover the value of the elderly is so much needed.

    Would love to speak to Arne!

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