A podcast that puts eco-living at the heart of your daily life. Each episode we showcase sustainability superheroes who share their easy-to implement knowledge and tips on the joy of living simply and sustainable

Imagine you are living in a world where housing and nutritious food are abundant and affordable for everyone.

A world where diverse, quality education is normal and accessible to everyone in a lush and thriving environment, where water and energy are ample.

  • You’re making financially responsible choices that make your life easier
  • You have enough money to pay your bills
  • You love working for an organisation with aligned values
  • Your community is thriving, thanks to shared resources, such as a community tool library and edible gardens
  • You meet regularly to share food (from your community garden) and fun times with your family and extended community
  • You’re wasting less because your ethical purchasing decisions protect the planet and promote health

At Beaming Green, this is the vision we want to co-create. Like you, we realise it can be challenging to keep hope alive in the current climate. Repeated threats to our health and wealth can seem overwhelming.

However, we think the solution starts with something the philosopher Socrates said;

the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’.


Do you know you can start making positive changes in your everyday life today? Leaving a legacy that you and your children can be proud of?


Where can I find my tribe?

Beaming Green is a podcast. But it is more than that. It’s a platform where we can co-create this beautiful new world with you, our like-minded community. Together we can achieve this vision of a holistic approach to sustainability, placing it at the heart of our daily lives.

We are committed to sharing stories and sustainable solutions around health, housing, finances, family, community, mental health and fitness that inspire simple actions that can create the kind of future we can all be proud of.

Our content is informative and optimistic, equipping you with the knowledge, know-how and next steps to tread lightly on the earth.

With close to 20 years working and volunteering in the sustainability sector, Jeremy (& Andia, our guest presenter) are in the business of creating hope and positivity to enrich our listeners lives.

Beaming Green is by the people and for the people. Here’s how you can connect:

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