I would like to introduce you to Syntropic Agriculture, a concept I learnt about 3 years ago with Victor Pires.

What is syntropic agriculture?

Syntropic agriculture is an intensive, successional form of agroforestry that tries to imitate natural forest dynamics through several principles and practices. Aiming to maximise photosynthesis at all times and optimise productivity through all spaces.

Thus, it not only produces food, timber and fibre crops but it is also able to generate its own fertility, while building stable humus, improving the water and energy cycles and nurturing soil biology.

Victor is a Brazilian who has lived in Australia for the last 20 years, and together with a friend is responsible for planting the first Syntropic Agriculture seed in Australia.

In April 2016, when they brought Patricia Vaz and Namaste Messerschmitt and held three in-depth courses near Byron Bay.

Syntropically, Victor has immersed himself in its theory and practice for the last 5 years, where he not only travelled many times to Brazil to train with the most experienced practitioners, including Ernst Gotsch.

Victor is also a co-founder of the first syntropic farm in Australia – Gabalah Farm – and for the last 20 months he and his partner have been experimenting with the syntropic powers of regeneration in a severely degraded land in Uki, NSW.

Victor is now in the process of embarking on another exciting initiative that he calls “A Syntropic Gardener”, in which he aims to share all his experiences and passion for subsistence syntropic practices with the world, and hopefully help many individuals and families to move towards self-sufficiency, resilience and regeneration.

Check out this film of Life in Syntropy https://vimeo.com/146953911

If you want to contact Victor about doing a course his email is victor@syntropicgardener.com  You can also go to his website www.syntropicgardener.com

These are photos taken at Victors property in UKI that he is in the process of transforming.


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