Pioneering permaculture in Borneo, Indonesia

Australian born Community Development Worker, Frederika’s inspiration for Indonesia came from her love of the cultural arts. This saw her participate in a cultural music scholarship and led to her meeting her now husband, Indonesian actor and Permaculturist, Jayadi Paembonan.

17 years and 4 lovely daughters later, the two started Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation (in close collaboration with the local community) after volunteering as permaculture practitioners in India and Australia.

The couple are passionate about embracing and acknowledging how local indigenous wisdom can merge with permaculture strategies.

This is a core motivation of their work based in Indonesian Borneo, Kalimantan.

If you would like more information about their project or to provide support (via PayPal) click on this link Permakulture Kalimantan Foundation

Have a look at this great Youtube that demonstrates the wonderful work they are doing in Kalimantan.

Permakultur Kalimantan Foundation also work in partnership with the Borneo Institute and Fair Ventures in central Kalimantan, Indonesia.  They have been in this partnership since 2016 till now as part of the one million trees project. This work has focused on working alongside indigenous farming groups, teaching permaculture farming techniques and supporting them combine these with their sustainable indigenous farming practices.

Burning off creates environmental issues

In the podcast interview with Frederika, we talk about the issues faced with burning off each year, there is a huge cloud of smoke through-out Kalimantan that hangs around and can lead to ill health amongst the community and endangers wildlife. Photos courtesy of Bjorn Vaughn.

Frederika Interview  Transcript

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