Jeremy and Santa looking the worse for wear.

This week I talk Turkey with my (vegan) partner Andia about how we can celebrate Christmas sustainably. In Australia alone, it’s estimated that our festive waste is growing by 30% yearly because of all the thousands of tonnes of wrapping paper, food, decorations, empty bottles and unwanted presents. 

We spend about $11 billion a year on Christmas gifts annually down under, so it’s important that we spend wisely and think sustainably to make sure we’re part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Our listeners also chime in with some excellent ideas about how to lighten our collective load this festive season with some great gift ideas. We also explore how we can be less wasteful in what we eat, buy and how we decorate .


There are so many great ideas on how to get creative, connect with friends and family in sustainable ways that won’t cost the earth, including:

  • shopping and supporting local
  • making your own gifts, tree and table decorations
  • freezing or upcycling your leftovers
  • composting, the gift that keeps giving
  • finding plastic-free wrapping alternatives
  • environmental, in-kind and charitable gifts, like Kiva
  • gift swaps
  • taking time out to remember the true gifts of Christmas, real connection
  • thinking carefully before giving a pet for Christmas.

Episode 15 Transcript


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