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I am really excited to be speaking with Frederick Marx, an internationally acclaimed Oscar and Emmy nominated director/writer and producer of many films over 40 illustrious years, (inc. the award-winning Hoop Dreams, 1994). Today, I speak with him about his new book Rites to a Good Life – Everyday Rituals of Healing and Transformation.

Frederick shares his journey that started as a 9-year old boy having to deal with the loss of his father, who was 41, and the impact this had on his world view and his experience of post traumatic stress. When his Uncle declared “Freddie you are now the man of the house” he took it seriously but, as a nine year old, didn’t have the capacity to fill those big shoes.  it wasn’t until the he found the Mankind Project 20 odd years later that he found the initiation into manhood that he desperately wanted. In this episode with Frederick we explore:

  • the importance of “Elders” and mentors in helping shape the lives of young men and women
  • his devotion to living in his own truth, passion, and mature masculinity, which he says has helped him with the development of his films
  • how Harold Ramis (Actor, director, writer, comedian) mentored Frederick for 10 years during his film career and how he treasured his sincerity
  • the role of archetypes
  • our shadow selves
  • engaging in community
  • the plight of returned soldiers and the films he has produced on the subject
  • the importance of celebrating his partner Tracy before she died.

At the end of this interview I was left with a feeling of gratitude, Frederick has selflessly made a life-long contribution to the betterment of himself and his fellow human beings, through his dedication to making meaningful films and writing this book, among other things.
I encourage you to read this book, which for a limited time is available through Amazon for $1.00 US. I also recommend you have a look at his not-for-profit, Warrior Films (link below)

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