Samantha Jones

In this episode I speak with Samantha Jones, the winner of It Takes A Town’s program – ‘Pitch for Change’.

Samantha is offering budding gardeners an opportunity to learn the basics of gardening and growing their own food with her program ‘Vegucation’ at the Murwillumbah Community Gardens.

In this interview we speak about:

  • her passion for organic gardening
  • how and why she started
  • the lessons she learned living in Indonesia
  • some tips to get planting in summer
  • the importance of composting and mulching.

Samantha’s passion is contagious. After seeing how she has transformed her own garden, I’m sure you will learn a lot and feel inspired.

Samantha’s Garden
Bio of Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is passionate organic gardener, inspired by self sufficiency, sustainability and community. She has empowered herself with a grounded grass-roots way to have a positive impact in the world. Through her new program ‘Vegucation’ at Murwillumbah Community Gardens, she aims to guide and inspire others to start growing their own organic food at home. She has a certificate 3 in Horticulture and 10 years gardening experience. Led by her enthusiasm for holistic healing for humans and the earth she believes growing your own food has a diverse range of practical healing benefits.

Want to know more or visit social pages, click the links below

Vegucation Website (Coming Soon)

Transcript of episode 12

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