Victor Pires

Welcome to episode twenty. I’m excited to welcome back Victor Pires to learn more about Syntropic agriculture and his new training course — Syntropic Gardener, based in Uki, Northern NSW, Australia.
Victor was born in Brazil where he trained extensively in this field, learning from some of the founders, including the Syntropic agriculture creator, Ernst Gotsch, a Swiss farmer who moved to Brazil in the early 1980s’.

Fans of Beaming Green will remember Victor from our first episode. Seven months on it’s great to catch up again and see what he’s learned and achieved in the past 7 months.

In this episode Victor discusses:

  • how important it is to understand your land, particularly how the water flows, wind patterns and soil conditions
  • what you can do to improve soil conditions
  • what successional planting is, how to manage it and what the benefits are
  • why having a plan for planting, harvesting and beyond is vital
  • why there is a growing interest Syntropic agriculture around the world
  • what content and format his new Syntropic Gardener, launching over Easter will take.

I always learn so much from my conversations with Victor and I’m sure you will too. Remember to check out the links below for more about how to book into his upcoming course.


Click on highlighted links to:
Syntropic Gardener and find out more.
Livingness journey Youtube video
Find out about the immersive course
Course tickets – register now

Episode 20 transcript

The land just as Victor started planting
Progress just two years later



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