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In this episode I speak with Matthew Harris about his first book, The Way of the Courageous Vulnerable – How to Find Meaning and Purpose From the 7 Stages of the Hero’s Journey in your daily life. The book centres on the hero’s journey, the underlying template in stories from all around the world, as a way for people to understand and achieve their purpose in life.

“The book brings a hopeful message, enabling one to more easily bear and even value the hard times.  It is an approach that teaches patience, humility and the ‘long view’. Matthew explains the steps in detail and shows how they have applied in his own life, which has involved a journey often marked by depression, illness and poverty. This enables the reader to see how the stages can apply in their own lives. The book includes exercises and questions at the end of each chapter to help you apply the’journey’ to your own life.” (Review by H Smart)


The hero’s journey is a subject I’m really passionate about and I enjoyed hearing Matthew’s take on:

  • the creative process of writing this book from a place of vulnerability, initially expressed in a collection of his personal Facebook posts
  • how he transformed obstacles, like depression, into opportunities and inspiration for the hero’s journey and the book
  • the unsung everyday heroes, like his Mum, who have inspired him
  • the importance of eldership acknowledgement culturally in Australia and the role elders can play in holding space for young people
  • the feminine version of the hero’s journey, as something more internal and how both genders experience the masculine and feminine expressions of the hero’s journey
  • Matthew’s future plans for workshops, seminars and retreats on this topic.

I really enjoyed my discussion with Matthew, and I hope you enjoy this interview and reading his new book.

The book is available:  or via Amazon for E -book

About the Author

Matthew Harris is a long-time teacher, storyteller, workshop presenter and writer who lives and works in the beautiful Byron Bay region of New South Wales.

He writes inspirational articles and gives workshops on the Hero’s Journey, spirituality, and personal transformation. He helps people find inspiration, purpose and meaning in their lives by helping them appreciate themselves and their heroic and noble journeys in life.

Matthew has experienced his own Hero’s Journey, encountering extended periods of illness, depression, and poverty. This was an Initiation experience that introduced him powerfully to his limitations, but eventually, lead him into breakthroughs that brought about his emergence, through humility, into his gifts, talents and wisdom.

He has been interested in mythology, spirituality, and the archetypal path since childhood. Through his studies and work experience, he combines these elements to provide a roadmap for human growth, transformation, and fulfilment.

Matthew provides seminars, retreats, workshops and courses in writing, spiritual teaching, and the Way of the Courageous Vulnerable – How to Find Meaning and Purpose From the 7 Stages of the Hero’s Journey in your daily life. His courses and programs provide participants access to their inherent wisdom and power, and fulfils their basic need to find self-value, self-appreciation, and purpose.

Matthew believes that we all go through a journey in our lives, mostly unconsciously, to achieve our life’s mission and purpose. Matthew’s work reveals this inner courage and nobility within your own heart.

Transcript – Matthew Harris

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