Jannine Barron

Jannine Barron created her first eco product in 1998. Over the next 23 years she launched more than 33 zero-waste products. In 2000, she coined the phrase, “change the world, one purchase at a time” to express her brand activism, a phrase that many industries have since adopted. Now, two and a half decades later, and based in the UK, Jannine is on a mission to change business for generations to come, through mentoring a new generation of product makers and climate-conscious business owners.

In this episode Jannine shares her experience:

  • as an activist at Macquarie University
  • creating her first eco business with one product in her garage
  • starting and selling four businesses over 20 plus years
  • in helping aspiring ecopreneurs
  • helping women through the “B experience”
  • around the importance of having a business mentor or coach if you want to succeed.

I can highly recommend Jannine as a mentor, after all she helped me get Beaming Green started and has helped countless other businesses.  She has a genuine interest in making a difference and provides a lot of enthusiasm and guidance in a constructive way.

Visit her website https://www.theproductmentor.com.au/

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