Imagine you are living in a world where you have affordable housing, you and your kids get a quality and tailor-made education that meets everyone’s needs. You’re in a positive mental state that has a positive flow on effect for you, your family and community around you.

Access to affordable nutritious food is abundant. You are making financially responsible choices that make your life easier and stress free. You have sufficient resources to pay your bills and enjoy your life. You love working for an organisation that values your input and the input of your colleagues. They know that work life balance is an important element to the productivity and innovation of their organisation.

You share your resources within your community and now don’t need to own the same tools that your neighbours have as you now share this together through access to the community tool library. Your community is thriving, you get together on a regular basis and share your abundance with joy. You’re also wasting less as you now make ethical purchasing decisions that looks after the planet and you and your family’s health.

Would you like to be part of a society or community that lives like this?

You could take steps to head in this direction today and it would take minimal effort for you to make this a part of your everyday life. Why you may say? Because you have been yearning for this and there hasn’t been any catalyst for you to make the change.

Imagine one day sitting back on your daybed feeling proud of the inspiration you have provided the next generation, your family and the community.

At Beaming Green, this is the vision we embrace.

Like you, we realise it can be challenging to keep hope alive in the current climate. Repeated threats to our health and wealth can seem overwhelming.

However, we think the solution starts with something the philosopher Socrates said;

the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’.

Beaming Green is a podcast. But it’s more than that. It’s a platform to co-create this beautiful new world with you, our like-minded community. Together we can achieve this vision with a holistic approach to sustainability, placing it at the heart of our daily lives.

Our weekly podcast inspires our community with practical, ideas that inspire us to be more sustainable in our health, our housing, our finances, our family, our community, our mental health and fitness.

Our stories will inspire you to take action to live simply and feel abundantly joyfully.

You will find the content informative and optimistic, equipping you with the knowledge, know-how and next steps to tread lightly on the earth and leave a positive legacy for you and your loved ones.

Beaming green is an inclusive podcast that values audience participation. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks to the support of a number of sustainable conscious businesses, we engage our audience with stories and prizes. You can write to us the old-fashioned way or message us on one of our social platforms. You can share your story on our podcast if you are brave enough or just win one of our monthly eco prizes that reward incredible acts of eco-simplicity.

With close to 20 years working and volunteering in the sustainability sector, Jeremy (& Andia our guest presenter) are in business of creating hope and positivity to enrich our listeners lives.

Beaming Green is our hope project to share stories, sustainable solutions and simple actions that every person can take to create the kind of future we can all be proud of.